RS900HD Speed Ramp Style Cable Protection (Code: RS900HD)

Suitable for a wide variety of locations including:

  • Freight yards

  • Business parks

  • Bus depots

  • Loading docks

  • Universities and colleges

  • Schools

  • Private roads and traffic thoroughfares

  • Industrial complexes

  • High traffic areas

Our RS900HD rubber speed ramp is designed to offer protection to cables and hoses from vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Ideal for;

  • Private roads and traffic thoroughfares, Industrial complexes, Loading docks


  • Hard wearing, non-conductive construction

  • 75mm high (above road level)

  • Excellent adhesion to road surfaces (concrete or bitumen)

  • Tapered end caps to avoid trip hazards

  • Highly visible colour pattern for excellent visibility

  • Ideal for frequent vehicle movements

  • Provides safe pathways for pedestrians and vehicles

  • 2 large channels to suit cables and hoses of various sizes

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

  • Independantly crush tested

  • Ability to handle heavy fast traffic

  • Module size: 900mmW x 500mmL x 50mmH

  • Channel size: 52mmH x 42mmW

  • Anti-slip surface pattern

  • 11 fixings per module, 8 per end caps (pr)

  • Simple to install






900W x 500L x 75Hmm

4 modules p/metre

1 black, 1 yellow


900W x 350L x 75Hmm

end caps p/metre

1 black, 1 yellow



100.00 EUR