Spill Containment Bunding (Code: BUND25, BUNDCNR)

Converting any area, or even your whole workshop or warehouse, into a securely bunded area is possible with this product.  This new generation urethane bunding will not chip, split or crack. Easily cut to size with a fine-tooth saw.


BUND25 - Length = 1metre, Width = 15cm, Height = 2.5cm

BUND25CNR - Length = 20x20cm, Width = 15cm, Height = 2.5cm

Install with an appropriate sealant (such as Sikaflex Tank) underneath and in-between the modules to create the seal.  Will cater for vehicle and forklift traffic.

Call for further details, to request an installation kit, or an installation service.

CLICK HERE for Low Density Polyethylene guide. 

100.00 EUR